Warranty & Returns

Shipping is included with your purchase, we will ship via FedEx, UPS & USPS and while the service level is at our sole discretion; as a rule of thumb we try to provide 2-4 day delivery service to most states under normal circumstances; ‘Normal’ excludes the Christmas holiday season.

DripDrySpotless.com® provides 1 full year parts replacement warranty for defects in workmanship and construction and we will ship those parts to you USPS Priority Mail; after one year replacement parts will be ‘Cost + 10% + Postage’. If handled and cared for properly we expect this product will provide you with years of reliable service, please store the canister and resin out of direct sunlight, the Poly-carbonate plastic is just like your car’s headlights and can haze and weaken over prolonged periods of time in direct sunlight and the Di-resin inside can dry out (slowly) and lose strength. Requests for replacement parts only require cell phone picture proof, 2 pictures minimum, and since we all have camera phones these days I don’t think that this is asking too much, please understand I need that proof to get my replacement part from my vendors too. Canisters are a different story, cracked canisters will require multiple pictures or a 360 degree video from you and possible physical return to us for inspection, to avoid any unnecessary delays, if you do drop it and it cracks just tell us, we will sell you a replacement canister at ‘Cost @($35) + Postage’.

If you’re not satisfied with the filter in the first 30 days or just decide you don’t need it, you can obtain return instructions by sending us an e-mail via the ‘Contact Us’ page; please tell us your order number, the model and the reason for the return. Please keep in mind that the return shipping cost is your responsibility unless the return is due to our mistake or defects in workmanship and construction within our warranty time frame. If you toss out the damp resin you may save yourself some postage but I will charge you $15 for the resin, also if we can see expired resin above the Black ‘Bottom Cap’ of your canister (this means you used the filter several times) so you will also be charged the $15 resin charge, using it 2 or 3 times just to make sure you like the results is one thing; using it 10-12 times and then asking for a refund is not acceptable behavior, so it won’t be free, we hope you understand.

If your filter was purchased through eBay or Amazon, they have a 14 day return policy, if you are within that time frame please return it through them;  we pay them a 10% sales commission so they need to process your return and refund us that commission. If you are past their 14 day return period but within our 30 day return policy we will still honor your return but with only partial credit, as described below:

  • Resin replacement, if you decide to return the filter and toss the resin to save on shipping there will be a resin charge of $15 per 1.25lb pack, also if you have kept the filter for 30 days you have probably gotten a few uses out of it, if you can see expired resin above the Black ‘Bottom Coat’ of your filter then you can expect to see a $15 resin charge deducted from your refund. I only charge $15 because it was included inside the canister and did not cost me $5 for USPS shipping. If we are talking about the ‘Dual Canister” model the resin charge is $30, @2.5lbs of resin.
  • Again, return shipping is your responsibility unless the return is due to our mistake or defects in workmanship and construction.



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