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RV System – Filtered Drinking Water & ‘Spot-free’ Washes in one Compact Unit

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 in Products

RV System – Filtered Drinking Water & ‘Spot-free’ Washes in one Compact Unit

We had several requests from RV owners to add normal water filtration capability to our system so they could pack a single filter for both internal drinking water and exterior wash needs. We added 2 Carbon Wrap (5 micron) sediment filters a TDS meter to the standard system for their convenience. The canister and filter cartridge are clear so you can still see the color changes in the resin and know when the refillable cartridge needs to be recharged. This does more than the water softeners, the ‘Di-resin’ removes the TDS -Total Dissolved Solids using a ‘+ -‘ charged ion-exchange process.

Our Di-resin cartridge has a 20 micron sediment filter built-in, that ‘White’ section you see at the top removes rust particles, sediment and calcium particles that come from old water pipes and cause ‘micro-scratches’ in your paint when you towel dry, none of our competitors cartridges have one. This new system fits our goal to provide a cost effective product by serving two purposes and packing small for RV travel. Limitations: this Di-resin is most economical & efficient for water less than 100 ppm; it will work with 140+ ppm water but it definitely won’t last for 20+ washes.

Detailing your vehicle becomes much easier when you stop depositing minerals on your paint and chrome! We have sold these units to mobile detailing operations and they believe, like we do, that starting with better water makes for better results.

RV Water Filter & Wash System is sold exclusively thru
The kit includes; 10″x 3.5″ Canister, Refillable Cartridge, Color Changing ‘Di-Resin’, 50ft ‘X-panding’ Hose, 9 Setting ‘Soap Gun’, 2 Carbon Block/ 5m filters, 1 TDS meter, Waterproof Instructions and a Wrench; Shipping is included.

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