Color Changing Resin Refill Kits

Color Changing Resin Refill Kits

Don’t refill with just 1 lb and expect the same results, we tamp our resin down and fill with 1.25 lbs, that is 20% more resin and 20% more filtration! Depending on your water quality this product can be very cost effective; the filter is a 2 stage design with the Di-resin (Green) at the bottom and a 20 micron sediment filter (White) at the top in the neck. 

The sediment filter is very important, it keeps small particles like calcium scales, dirt and pipe rust from entering your rinse water and scratching your car, if you have a dissolved solids issue, you will have accumulated mineral scales on the inside of all your water pipes . The clear canister and transparent cartridge allows you to see the color changing resin; it actually shows you when the filter needs to be recharged and it only takes 15 minutes to replace the media and recharge your filter for another project. The ability to see the resin change color eliminates the need for a TDS/PPM tester. The recharge resin packs are competitively priced and include shipping!! As far a disposal is concerned, please discard expired resin with your normal trash, it is not toxic but deserves to be disposed of properly.

Please read the ‘Safe Handling Instructions’ on the refill products page. Also, a customer just suggested that I warn you all about a slight ‘fishy’ smell you will experience when handling the resin, it does not affect the water, only occurs when exposing the resin to the air. The water is taste free, smell free and drinkable but has absolutely ‘Zero’ flavor and no nutritional value, so my advice is ‘Do not drink it’!

Please check your local water quality before ordering, TDS/PPM levels should to be under 110ppm for the 10″ model to be most economical, most cities publish their water quality report online, TDS is the number to look for.

When filling a cartridge, we tamp our resin down 20+ times to fill the container tight, we use 1.25 lbs vs the 1 lb others use, if you buy just a 1 lb refill you will not get the same results. The extra settling and extra 1/4 pound will not stop water flow, just slows it down, increases dwell time and improves water filtration by 20%.

1.25 lb Bag of Di-Resin: $25

Please be advised, we did test our resin, it was almost fully expired after 250 gallons but that was with Charlotte Metro water at 80/PPM, your water may have a higher or lower TDS rating = Total Dissolved-Solids; Salts, Minerals and Sediment.

1.25 lb Di-Resin in Refillable 10″ Cartridge: $35

This is a new 10″ refillable filter cartridge loaded with 1.25lb of resin, if you plan on using the filter for special projects, personal or commercial, having one of these around will make the filter change process fast and efficient.

2.50 lb of Di-Resin, 2 Refills for a 10″ filter: $45

Well water usually tastes better than municipal water but it usually has higher levels of TDS – ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ these minerals add to the waters natural flavor; but it is because of those salts & minerals we created the dual canister model, this refill contains 2 of the normal 1.25lb bags and since we combine shipping you save the money we did not spend on shipping.


DIY Driveway Stand: Single Canister, (click to enlarge)
One of my customers sent me this idea and I built one; while the material is cheap, building time and packaging requirements made it more time consuming than I had hoped but it may be just the stand you want to build so I have included all the dimensions here for your convenience.


DIY Driveway Stand: 2-Canister, (click to enlarge)
This is the 2 – Canister driveway stand with diagram & dimensions, do your best to cut or grind all ends flat. My assemblies were not glued, thus the black friction tape, I suggest just gluing the top and bottom sections and not the vertical connectors, this will simplify disassembly and winter storage.


DIY Wheels for Driveway Stand: (click to enlarge)
We had a customer that wanted wheels on the bottom of the driveway stand so here are the wheels that I found at Lowe’s that will fit the 1″ PVC and provide rolling capability.


Safe handling is required during your resin changing; pay attention and avoid spilling the resin on the floor; the resin consists of very tiny round beads, if they spill onto your floor, tile, hard wood, concrete and/or stone, clean them up immediately, they will create a ‘SERIOUS’ slip hazard, make sure to wipe your shoes, sweep the floor and vacuum, then vacuum again to make sure!!

May cause eye irritation – Avoid contact with eyes and wear safety glasses
May cause skin irritation – Wash hands thoroughly after handling

First Aid:
In case of eye contact; immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for several minutes, 5-10 minutes, and get medical attention if necessary.

Store in a cool dry place, sealed and out of direct sunlight.

You will have some extra material after your refill, dump this small amount and the used resin in your trash for disposal.

Here is a ‘Close-up’ view of the filter and media that is in your system; notice the Green Di-resin is on the bottom and the 20 micron sediment filter at the top. Just so you know; the water is forced down to the bottom of the housing and then flows up through openings in the bottom of the filter; forced by it’s own pressure through the resin first and then through the White 20 micron filter.

This was our most recent resin test and as you can see the resin was not yet fully expired after 250 gallons but the TDS had risen to 15 ppm; clean enough not to leave spots but too far gone to try another wash. See how the resin shrank and settles, if this were a horizontal unit the water would be running over the resin and not thru it and no ion exchange would take place.

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