Cost per Gallon

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We took all of the attributes of our competitors and put them here in a Matrix format so you can evaluate, ‘Apples to Apples’ the best deal for you. One key point gentlemen; a sediment filter is very important because the calcium and rust scales that slough off the inside of your municipal water pipes will damage your paint long before the water spots will.

This is a picture of what the expired media will look like, the Green resin will turn very dark, almost Purple and over a prolonged period of time it will ‘Bleach’ out and become a ‘Blonde’ color. Also note that the resin shrinks and settles, see the air gap between the plastic cartridge and the resin, as the ion-exchange takes place the resin size/volume shrinks. This is why you should not buy a PVC/Horizontal version; because just like this picture the resin will settle to the bottom of the canister and the water will flow over it instead of thru it and no ‘Ion Exchange’ or water purification will take place . Please dispose of the resin in your trash, not your garden, lawn or pond, it’s not toxic but it is not beneficial to soil or water either.
This was our most recent resin test; and as you can see the resin was not yet fully expired after 250 gallons but on the TDS-meter, ‘impurities’ had risen above 15 ppm; too high for another wash. See how the resin shrank and settled, if this were a horizontal unit the water would be running over the resin and not thru it so no water purification would be taking place. The large white item, inside on left is the 20 micron sediment filter.

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