About Us & The Science

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’; I developed this product 3 years ago because I could not find any more Mr. Clean Auto Dry filters at any stores and I had just used the last of my 3 year stockpile. When I looked on e-Bay for replacements I saw that people were asking ridiculous prices for the 3 Wash ‘Starter’ filters so I went looking for a long-term solution. I did find some Di-filters but the prices were pretty high, $300 and $400, and that was way too much for just a water filter when I really needed a ‘Wash System’, so I decided to make my own.

I am a manufacturing engineer by trade and training so I was up for the challenge but it took me some time and money to get all the components just right; I must have filled and emptied my 400 gal hot tub 10-15 times with cold water to find the right combination of components to get 250 filtered gallons but the final result is a great product that will provide you with years of service. Please test your water or look it up on your ‘Municipal Water Report’, this 10″ model is most efficient on water with less than 110 ppm, for you guys with 125+ ppm water check out our ‘Dual Canister’ version.

This filter uses the same ‘Ion-exchange’ process as the competition (explained below) but costs less per gallon than anyone and it includes the all important sediment filtration component that many competitors leave out.

The resin will take care of the water spots but unfiltered sediment will cause micro-scratches and needs removal too, I added the 9 Setting ‘Soap Gun’ and 50 feet of expanding hose in an effort to create a better value.

Here are some differences:

1.  Our canister is a clear Poly-carbonate that allows you to see the resin work and change color.
2.  Our canister has a ‘Bypass’ valve so you can use unfiltered water for wetting, washing and the initial rinse and then turn the valve and use the ‘Fan’ or ‘Flat’ sprays for a quicker and more complete ‘Final’ rinse.
3.  Our filter head has ‘built-in’ flow restrictions that increases the water’s ‘Dwell time’ so the ion-exchange process is more effective.
4.  Our canister comes with a handle so you can walk around your car and minimize any wasteful over-spray.
5.  Our ‘Lighter’ system has a 50 foot hose for additional mobility and provides ease of use for any spray angle.
6.  Our filter is long, thin and stands upright, driving water ‘Up’ thru the resin and not over or around it like what happens in horizontal systems.
7.  Our ‘Wash System’ is a good ‘Value’ with a 10″x 3.5″ canister that holds 3x the resin of the 10 wash Mr Clean, it provides 25-30 car washes and handles most ‘Municipal'( <100ppm) water without breaking the bank.

Why does it work?

Without the suspended salts, minerals and sediments, water will just disappear and leave nothing behind on the vehicle, that is how this wash system prevents water spots. This is not a water softening system and the water is not for drinking, zero taste equals zero nutritional value, it is for washing and rinsing cars, windows and recreational vehicles only!

This is a simplified explanation of the Ion Exchange process and how it works.



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